Nelson is a Startup Investor, Enterpreneur, and the Founder of TBEC Group of Companies.

TBEC Group of Companies, is a dutch investment company with diverse portfolio in fintech solutions, media and entertainment, marketing and advertisement, health & fitness, education, logistics and supply chain, tourism & hospitality, and Information Technology industries.

Nelson's Biography

Nelson T. Ajulo, born in 1990, is the founder, CEO and founder of TBEC Group of Companies, a business strategist and an engineer/economist by qualification. Nelson is a seasoned executive with over ten(10) years of extensive leadership, operating, and management experience, having served as Chairman, CEO, or President of several significant multinationals. Nelson’s expertise spans various aspects of business leadership. He has garnered diverse experience by working on different continents worldwide, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Born in Nigeria, Nelson has lived and worked as an expat in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and now based in the Netherlands.

Nelson graduated from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology with a Bachelor of Architect degree (BArch), followed by a Master of Architecture (MArch) degree from the same university. He completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA), focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship from Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, United Kingdom) and PhD in International Economics from the University of Gdansk (Poland). He has been exposed to world-class training programs with several certifications focused on entrepreneurship, market digitalisation and Innovations, and agile business growth. One of his specialities and strengths is in strategic rapid business scaling.

Through his doctoral studies, he focuses on the production factor that enables developed economies in the West to leverage his findings on underperforming economies in Africa. He has made strong statements about the future of the population as one that Africa will hold an upper hand if it educates its youthful population resources with the right skills the economic production needs in preparation for the population shift that is one the way. He has also Identified the rising ageing population in the West, especially in Western Europe and the need for Europe to be Internationally competitive. It will need more external human resources to facilitate enough local production while producing enough for international export. Nelson argued through the constant increase in consumption, ageing workforce and decrease in the birth rate. He has also claimed that due to the post materialistic stage of economic development that Western Europe is in, it will be a lot harder to correct the population needs on its own. West Europe would not be able to motivate enough educated citizens through financial gains as it is currently doing. Its citizen is not significantly motivated by monetary value to have more babies; the safety and satisfaction of tomorrow are there but somewhat more motivated with societal and social value. Its citizens are also more aware of the world's needs. They are discouraged even further with the struggle the rest of the world faces, such as 480 Million living in poverty in Africa.

One of his numerous achievements includes initiating a charity program called Take Me Home (TMH, 2018) that was targeted at providing assistance to foreigners, living or visiting Malaysia, homeless and stranded, and reuniting them with their families and loved ones. He does love playing basketball, squash, kickboxing, and boxing during his free time. He taps into this hobby to communicate to people in local communities in Africa with technologies and language barriers, through sport and victory mindset to help them enhance their entrepreneurship skills and perseverance through their personal development.

Nelson's philosophy is to go beyond transforming disadvantaged communities in Africa to a more global transformation. He is a passionate advocate for empowering people and enabling them to make informed decisions and implement change in their own lives and in the lives of other people around them. He believes that there is no weak mind, and with his outstanding achievements, he aims to put a premium on unleashing access to opportunities via digital education to improve their employ-abilities and give them a chance to be competitive as the Africa economical play embrace digitization to optimize its productivity level.

Nelson believes in the equal worth of people and has been a significant advocate through his businesses and participation in different organisations for a more inclusive world where we can leverage everyone`s strength in building a better world for all. He aims to contribute to Addressing poverty in Africa, better access to a good education and good health, becoming a fundamental human right.

Nelson has also argued that the significant rising population in Africa is due to poverty. Leveraging on the gap between the West and Africa can help boost African`s economy primarily through digital workforce exchange, which is possible with remote work and improved infrastructure in Africa.

Nelson is currently serving as Chief Strategy Officer at WMC, and he also sits on the advisory board of several companies, including Zwart Talent Foundation (ZTF) and Stitching International Sustainable Education Foundation (ISEF). He is a staunch advocate of social entrepreneurship in developing economies, especially in Africa. He aims to be a key driver of sustainable economic development and job creation by leveraging the strength of people. His recent works include his passion for bridging the IT talent gap between Africa and the West while limiting the chances of brain drain through the business practices of Zwarttech. He believes in impact investing and sees a major win-win between Africa and the West.

Nelson's stand on social entrepreneurship is clear through Zwarttech operations and its solutions, an IT and Software Servicing company with offices in the UK, USA, Nigeria, and headquarters in The Netherlands. He has been actively involved in training future entrepreneurs on the Intervention Design Process (IDP) and its need for corporates’ customer and world-centric future focus.

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